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Caring cat boarding facilities in Railton

Although we started out with dogs, we're also huge cat lovers here at Railton Boarding Kennels & Cattery, and our cattery has been up and running since 2007.

Cat boarding facilities

Our cattery has 20 individual encloses. Half of these also come with an attached outdoor area, making them ideal for your more active cats. Our indoor cages are 1800cm tall, 750 cm wide and 1500 cm long. Our outdoor encloses have similar dimensions of 1800cm x 750 cm x 750 cm.

If you have a family of cats and don't want to split them up, we have two large indoor enclosures perfect for multiple pets, as well as older cats that need the space. All of our enclosures come complete with scratch poles, litter trays and hammocks.

Please note that you will need to supply your pet’s bedding.

A little bit of luxury

We love our animals here at Railton Boarding, and our staff go to great lengths to make your pet feel at home. We'll put the wood heater on to warm up the kennels on colder days and we even have a TV running to give that unique 'home feel' while your cat stays with us.

The very best cat food

Similar to our dog kennels, we provide only the best food for your beloved cat! We offer our feline guests a range of dry and wet food, as well as fresh meat, so please don't hesitate to speak to our staff if your cat has any specific requirements!

To book an appointment for your kitty companion or to request a free quote, call our team on 03 6496 1448 today!

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