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  • Grass runs for larger active dog
  • Large kennels with attached exercise yards

Devoted dog boarding kennels in Railton

For many people, dogs truly are a man's best friend. It's for this reason, however, that many often find it hard to let go, even if it's only temporarily. Fortunately, our staff at Railton Boarding Kennels & Cattery understands your concerns, and offer the best dog boarding kennels in Railton. If you're going to leave your dog with someone – even if only for an hour – then get the best for your four-legged companion.

About our dog kennels

Established in 1990, our family business has 20 kennels available for dogs. These kennels, set in four blocks of five, contain both a grass exercise area and an enclosed walk-in with 1800cm x 1200cm of walkable space. All kennels come complete with a platform bed, although you will need to provide your pet's favourite bedding.

Exercise areas

If you're looking for further space, our kennels come with both grass and concrete yards. These allow your dog to run and roam at their leisure and, if needed, can hold two large dogs. We wouldn't want to break up a pair of dogs that have been together for so long, so our kennels can readily accommodate pairs!

Meal time

We know that most dogs enjoy their food and this is part of the experience at Railton Boarding Kennels & Cattery. We provide our own blend of fresh chicken meat, vegetables and pasta, offering a varied and healthy diet while your canine companion is with us. For dry food, we use the quality “Coprice” brand – it’s a favourite as it’s naturally good with no preservatives.

If your dog has a cooked diet, we can also provide our own loaf, made from chicken, vegetables, rise and kelp pasta.

Dog grooming

In addition to feeding, exercising and generally loving your furry friend, we also offer dog grooming and clipping on-site. After all, it’s important to keep Fido looking his very best!

Give us a call today

In short, our own spacious kennels, healthy food and our own team of highly trained staff are here to take care of your dog as if it was our own.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today on 03 6496 1448 for a free quote!

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